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UPDATE Foxit Phantom PDF Business

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Versi baru 5.xxx Foxit Phantom PDF update juga....

pada post Foxit Phantom 2.2.4 sebelumnya, sudah dijelaskan tentang foxit phantom dan kegunaannya....
Langsung saja kita lihat bagaimana updatenya? kalau di versi 2.2.4 addon-nya diinstal secara terpisah, tapi untuk yang ini, langsung terintegrasi

apa yang paling baru dari versi ini ???

Bug Fixes in Foxit Phantom PDF
  1. Supports adding dynamic watermarks to the RMS policy templates to protect the PDFs encrypted by RMS.
  2. Supports setting Content Expiration when customizing RMS policy templates.
  3. Added the option of “Tile Large Pages” to the print dialog box. With this new feature, users can tile the pages that are larger than the selected paper size at a specified scale. The whole page content will be divided and printed on pieces of paper.
  4. Improved the OCR accuracy. The converted documents are easier to be edited and more text can be extracted as well as the compression rate is higher than before.
  5. Enhanced the conversion quality when converting PDF files to other formats.
Download: Foxit Phantom PDF Business
                Download 64 Bit size: 179,71 MB
                download 32 Bit  size: 177,56 MB
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